A blog is a personal online journal that chronicles one’s personal thoughts through their journey in life. Which is essentially what Musings of Bonnie will be about. This is a continuation from my old blog http://idonthaveagoodname.spaces.live.com/, a migration from the incompetent Windows Live Spaces.

In here you’ll find the occasional bouts of elation, mumbling, nostalgia, commentary, and whimsical thoughts on news, abstract ideas, or the humdrum of daily life. Art, nature, science, psychology, culture, the humanities, language and all things beautiful and worthy of contemplation will feature here, as will the observations of mundane existence. From the perspective of an idiosyncratic, enigmatic, dreamy, withdrawn, self-absorbed, analytical, intuitive, authentic, imaginative girl.

In addition to this personal blog, I also host a food blog Ten Thousand Taste Buds, at http://tenthousandtastebuds.wordpress.com, which will present stories on wonderful recipes, particular foods I love, gastronomical adventures, interesting facts on nutrition that I may have learnt… Anything related to food, really!

I hope you will enjoy reading about the thoughts I share here and leave your own imprint here about an issue you feel passionate about via commenting (if you wish!)!