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Breathtaking movie, beautiful men, beguiling music… Hans Zimmer – Time (Inception)

Am I truly living the life I want to be living? Is it an impossible ideal?

I want to dream, dream forever… But I cannot escape from reality, for that would be a lie.

Sometimes I wonder whether it’s a blessing or a curse that I have the intrigue and curiosity to think so hopelessly philosophically about life and all its mysteries, yet be so utterly ignorant about what everything is all about.


Imagine yourself to be among pristine white surrounds, on the glassy surface of an ice lake. The vitreous glaze glows with a heady radiance that feels so ironic on a cold winter’s day. The ice liberates you from the wearisome clutches of friction; farewell to the mundane walking on predictable ground. Amongst the serene backdrop of silhouettes of willowy trees, snow-topped mountains and city skyline, you are gliding along, graceful and carefree, atop the vitreous veneer that conceals the cavernous chasm engulfed with infinitely beautiful lattices of countless snow crystals. Each crystal has its own unique multi-faceted character, seemingly negligible as a sole crystal, yet united together, form the majestic natural wonder for your feet, eyes and soul to float, feast and fathom upon.

One day, when I’m in a sufficiently cold enough place, I will experience this daydream… And Snoopy makes my heart melt!

Is it not almost inconceivable to the mind that this moon is the same one that friends afar separated by the oceans can see; the same one that ancestors from a thousand years ago once gazed upon, perchance thinking these exact same thoughts?

Some memories of Moon Festival from HK:

I’ll miss playing with the red candles’ wax on park benches since they prohibited it 10 years ago (as I saw on TV) – moon cake tins then became the new base on which to create the red sculptures…

The simple joy that the beautiful paper lanterns could impart, and how connected we felt when we saw other children also holding their beautiful paper lanterns passing by the park.

The roadside shops dedicated to the myriad of different handmade lanterns…and how special we felt when we got the expensive and unique rabbit (with wheels!) lantern. I lamented how the lanterns the children held became progressively more plastic/electric-ised as I grew older.

My love of the lotus seed paste in mooncakes as we ate it under the moon… so much so that I would pick out the prized duck egg yolk core. Oftentimes I’d play around with the smooth, oily, lotus seed paste, treating it in a play-doh manner and rolling it into shapes of 1cm balls/cubes, before eating each artistically crafted morsel.

The legend of the ‘lunar deity’ is a fascinating one, yet, as much as I squinted my eyes, I could only see a rabbit in the full moon.

Living in Australia, this yearly ritual never occured. It’s not mid-autumn, it’s mid-spring here. But the moon that I gaze upon, shall never be changed.


And the heart,
Stretches far across the expanse of the sky.

Leaves on a tree,
May touch and flock together,
Shielding one another from bitter winds,
And rest in serene unity in still air.

Yet each one has its own unique beauty,
That belongs to the leaf, solely.

Troubles, like the turbulent river,
Tumble over the rocks,
Continuing on their everlasting journey.

Harbingers of the end they are not,
But the start of something great and new.

I just had this sudden urge to go hiking up a mountain under the moonlit starry sky. It’s a shame walking around at night is a ‘dangerous’ risk to take in Australia. When I was a child in HK I had fond memories of roaming around the city and natural places at night with no fear. I even remember hiking up a hill, making a stop at this fluorescent-lit house (houses are rare in HK).

How I crave to relive the joys of wandering around and engulfed in the mysterious shrouds of darkness without a speck of trepidation. A beautiful, serene, exhilirating experience, to walk up a mountain when the sun and creatures, who usually so harshly shines or eyes, have been doused to sleep. Where palpable objects become indiscrete shadows, where sounds are amplified tenfold, where there is the rare occasion (one that daytime does not permit) of simultaneously experiencing both ends of the spectrum of stimulus: of the intense allure of the moon, to detecting the most subtle nuances of the dark, unfamiliar habitat you have intruded upon. Where all surroundings seem inextricable, everything falls into its place, is one with the universe. Alone, yet invigorated, while relishing in being one of the few individuals still awake and blessed to appreciate such a thrilling yet uncanny atmosphere that only the hours of darkness offer.


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