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Breathtaking movie, beautiful men, beguiling music… Hans Zimmer – Time (Inception)

Am I truly living the life I want to be living? Is it an impossible ideal?

I want to dream, dream forever… But I cannot escape from reality, for that would be a lie.

Sometimes I wonder whether it’s a blessing or a curse that I have the intrigue and curiosity to think so hopelessly philosophically about life and all its mysteries, yet be so utterly ignorant about what everything is all about.


(N.B. if you don’t believe in God, replace the word with some divinity that reigns the universe, whether that be the sky, or some mystical force called fate…)

So I’m going to post something against the traditional doctrine (I’m not a pious Christian that believes everything the Bible or priest says.).

Whenever I go to church, they always mention an unfortunate person, and ask that everyone pray for them.

Why should people pray if God already knows what is best for us, and has made His plans for us regardless of whether we cusp our hands together and close our eyes and beg Him for something? I am not speaking of praying for praise or gratefulness, but the praying that many people do in an attempt to solve their/other people’s problems. God is almighty and He already knows and has pre-ordained our destiny that is best for us, whether we know this or not, so why is it necessary to ask for Him to change our destiny?

I guess you’ll be thinking that I don’t pray. Actually, I do, but only on rare occasions. These rare occasions are times of great distress, where my future is plagued with doubt and I’m feeling somewhat forlorn. Usually I start off with the typical “Please God, help me…” But for the very reason I stated above, I change it back to “Please God, just do whatever you know is best for me and the world.” So praying in times of distress is more of a way to find solace rather than seeking for a favour from God. No doubt, it is a pretty effective way to ease the suffering and enrich ourselves spiritually, but as for asking God to thwart the fateful path that He has ordained, I don’t get it. Have people forgotten that God will do what is best, no matter we pray to Him or not?