I guess it’s about time I cleared up on what happened in 2008.

In case you didn’t know, I quit my degree in Landscape Architecture and took a ‘gap semester’ for Semester 2. My reasons for doing so were presented in my previous blog, and I didn’t think it was necessary for me to waste one semester of uni fees and time in a subject I was averse to.

So, you might be wondering what on earth I did during that ‘gap semester’. I did many different things, among them being:

~wasting a LOT of time doing pointless things (e.g. sitting in front of the computer, bumming around);
~attempting to get some work experience to find out about jobs (instead, I got a lot of rejections, and some ‘interviews’);
~researching about different careers (heck, I even went back to the Careers Expo and emailed strangers asking about their jobs: people are actually very willing to talk about their careers to strangers in emails! 🙂 );
~’studying’ Chemistry in preparation for my future studies (that was rather unsuccessful, as expected, self-studying isn’t very effective);

The lovely volunteers at MS Society Pottery
The lovely volunteers at MS Society Pottery

~volunteering for various health organisations (every Tuesday was Multiple Sclerosis Pottery club, Thursdays was working as a “Patient Buddy” in Mater Hospital);
~’lecture shopping’ (I furtively sneaked into lots of different lectures at UQ and QUT, just to get a taste of the different subjects on offer. Some of them included psychology, chemistry, pharmacology etc… It wasn’t very easy to sneak in though, especially when you don’t know where the smaller lecture halls are, or what times they are held… Once, I walked into a lecture that ended 1 minute later (people looked at me like I was from a mental asylum), and another time I barged in the middle of an exam! (luckily nobody saw…or dragged me to take an exam I would have no idea about, haha!);

Psychology at UQ

~and eventually, my mum dragged me to her dental surgery to work as a dental assistant.

Mr. Tooth

Mr. Tooth

As you can see, social activities didn’t feature in my ventures, I’ve discovered I can actually live as a hermit (surprise surprise) (note: I didn’t feel that great though)!!! My ‘gap semester’ was quite unproductive, but very different from usual student life nevertheless.

So now I’ve got that cleared up… you’ll be wondering how I came to my decision to study Nutrition and Dietetics. This will take a mini essay that may be best left for another day to spare you the eyestrain.