The blogging wars!

The blogging wars!

As suggested by a techno-geek, I kept two blogs from both wordpress and blogger to get a feeling for both and select the one I preferred. In the end, wordpress won, but you may think differently. There is a nice article comparing the two blogging services on:, and, but here’s my own list of all the pros and cons of the two blog platforms with less technical jargon and focussing more on the experience.

Blogger is probably easier to navigate and use. WordPress is quite technical.

Blogger has less attractive templates, and a lot less choice. WordPress templates are very attractive and lots of choice.

Blogger categories have number indicating how much it was used. WordPress doesn’t (unless u move mouse over it).

Blogger has only one level of ‘categories’. WordPress allows for as many ‘levels’ of categories you like, eg. within the Music category, you can have a sub-category of Jazz, and a further sub-category of Blues.

Blogger can’t attach videos from the internet, but wordpress can.

Blogger allows you to add more widgets, wordpress allows very limited range.

Blogger has no tracking of stats of blog views, but wordpress does.

Blogger’s links to other blogs also include a snippet of the latest post, but for wordpress there is no preview, just a list (unless u move mouse over it).

Blogger lets you edit all the little gadgets, like your bloglist, right from the blog, no need to go somewhere else, whereas for wordpress, you have to go to some other webpage (not your blog) to edit gadgets.

Blogger’s blog lists are convenient in that they are arranged in order of the most recently updated blog, whereas wordpress is just alphabetical.

Blogger allows you to change the font and size of the text easily. In WordPress the style of the text is dependent on which theme (template) you choose.

Blogger lacks the tabs of ‘pages’ you see at the top here. WordPress has them.

Blogger doesn’t show the history of your editing of posts, wordpress has a page showing the history of the time you edited which post, what you commented etc.

Blogger has several standardised choices for the font colour, wordpress allows you to customise the colour to any that takes your fancy.

As you can probably see from my random post below, wordpress has emoticons, but blogger has none (it stays as : D rather than 😀 )

Really, both blogging services are exceptionally professional, and I would recommend either. Both allow for multiple blogs under the same person (what I wanted), and both are lightyears in front of Windows Live. But I ended up being drawn more to wordpress because, okay I’ll admit it, the template themes are just so stunning and beautiful compared to the amateur-looking designs at blogger. For ease of use (for beginners like myself) and familiarity (who doesn’t love gmail or google?!), blogger gets my vote, but wordpress is more sophisticated and diverse as a whole.

Happy blogging!